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LYL Season 3, Ep. 19 – Purpose is a Verb


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Purpose? Calling? Career?

On this episode of the Live Your List Show, we dig deep on how your job is not your purpose, how your passion is not your purpose, and even how your family is not your purpose.

(If you haven’t taken the Live Your List Assessment, it isn’t too late. Story continued below.)

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Nick Collison Pick of the Day

  1. The On-Purpose Person by Kevin McCarthy – Is Your Life Filled, Yet Unfulfilled? Do you feel pulled in a thousand different directions? Are your days so busy you hardly have time to think? Are you living up to other people’s expectations while your own plans and dreams go unmet? In The On-Purpose Person you’ll learn how to discover who you are, where you are headed, what you should do, and what’s most important to you! That’s being on-purpose!

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