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LYL Season 3, Ep. 15 – 11 Easy Ways to Refill Your Passion Bucket and Live a Better Life


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The summer of 2014 nearly killed me. 

The summer didn’t try to kill me quickly like a grizzly bear would kill me, but in the way that leading 57 leadership workshops in 17 states can kill a person. You know…slow, agonized death. Death by time. 

As you all know, I am not dead. I am alive and kicking. The only way I made it to the end of the summer and beyond is that I had to find ways to rejuvenate my life and live in quadrant 2. 

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11 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Life and Live In Quadrant 2

1. Pick a book you want to read and finish it (unless it sucks…then pick a new one). High achievers get into traps of reading the same types of books. We want to improve our life or learn something new. If you want to recharge, find a book that you love and read it. If you don’t like it…you have my permission to set it down. 

2. Unplug. Literally. OK, maybe not literally. Figuratively. Turn off all of the screens in your life. Every time I unplug I find myself doing something productive or relaxing. I find time for me. So, unplug…literally if you must. 

3. Turn Piles into Family Time. The laundry pile. The to-do list pile. The mail pile. The Netflix queue (not technically a pile but I will allow it). Invite your family to help instead of attacking these tasks individually. You get to spend time together and the tasks is done more quickly. Win/Win. 

4. Plug your phone into the other side of the room when you sleep. If you are like me you have become addicted to your phone at night. You get ready for bed so you can get on your phone. This creates a negative habit that leads to a later bedtime every night. As hard as it seems…plug the phone in the other room. 

5. Chart your time. Do it. You might be surprised with what you are actually doing with your time. You can find an awesome podcast about charting your time here

6. Gamify your exercise. Let’s face it: Exercise for adults are boring. Running. Lifting weights. Mall walking. They are done out of necessity instead of enjoyment. Do you remember how much fun we had playing (exercising) as kids? Find those ways to play again and have some fun! 

7. Never waste a lunch. Use your lunch time to do something worthwhile or relaxing. Spend some time over microwaved ravioli learning about your coworkers. Go on a walk with your dog. Take a nap. Whatever you do…don’t waste it! 

8. Go on a walk. If you find it hard to focus or relax…get outdoors. 

9. Check a bucket list item off of your list. You don’t even have to actually check something off the list. Spend some time researching a certain item or attempting an item that will take a considerable amount of time (learning a new language). If you need bucket list ideas check here

10. Organize your office. Get everything ready for the upcoming week or month. Make your office look like the Taj Mahal if need be. 

11. Schedule time to make it happen. None of this will happen if you don’t make it a priority. Literally schedule in some time every single day to do something that keeps your passion bucket full…and make it a priority. 

(If you haven’t taken the Live Your List Assessment, it isn’t too late. Story continued below.)

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