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LYL Season 3, Ep. 12 – The Most Important Secret to Achieving Your Biggest Goals


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It start’s simple, treat yo’self! Today we are focusing on celebrating small victories and how to tackle our BHAGs one step at a time! 

All too often we get stuck in the hustle mode and forget to celebrate what we have accomplished. Today we are interviewing Caleb McDaniel and how he has celebrated his small victories along his career to becoming an actor. Then we go through the steps on how to properly treat yo’self!


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Caleb McDaniel

Caleb is the star of the show “Making of the Mob” on AMC. He started his roots in selling cars while going to college. One of his first roles, he thought was a shaving commercial which turned into a lead role in a murder mystery! Through celebrating his victory here and the many little victories he is taking small steps towards accomplishing his BHAG.

4 Steps to Properly Treating Yo’Self

1. Allow yourself to celebrate!

Growing up in sports and almost any activity we are taught to be humble and to not make a scene when we do something great. In order to celebrate our small victories we have to get over this humility and have the audacity to stand tall in our victory pose!

2. Set the reward now!

When you achieve a mile stone, celebrate it! Setting a reward gives you something to look forward to and maybe a motivation booster to knock out each goal. It doesn’t have to be something huge, it just has to be something that is reasonable and that you do not allow yourself to do.

3. Have a brag buddy for accountability!

Who are you going to celebrate with? Having a brag buddy helps us to stay accountable and gives us someone to encourage us to keep working towards our goals. Also they are there to make sure that you do in fact treat yo’self.

4. Ask people to ask you!

This is about your personal accountability. If you are asking other people to ask you how you are doing, then you have to progress the status of your goal. Otherwise, you will be sharing the same information every time.

(If you haven’t taken the Live Your List Assessment, it isn’t too late. Story continued below.)

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What now? Create your plan to treat yo’self!

This guide is designed to help you realize what goals are worth treating yourself and how often you should treat yourself. 

Download the worksheet below and post your thoughts on the Live Your List Facebook group. Continue to be awesome. Repeat.

SMART Goal Worksheet

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Fired Up Quotes

No celebration leads to a lack of inspiration.” – Jerrod Murr (Tweet That)

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