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LYL Season 3, Ep. 1 – Live Your List is More Than a Bucket List – The Seven Levels of Becoming a Greater Influencer


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It started out like any other meeting. 

I was in charge and the leader of our organization. I had a plan, an agenda, and a clever icebreaker. I even had neatly lined tables with glasses of water, mints, and perfectly scripted nameplates. I had every single thing I needed…except influence. 

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When I started the meeting I could tell no one was listening to me. 

Something had to change.

So I started working on me. I decided that I would do all of the things necessary to become a greater leader. I started reading books. I interviewed excellent influencers. I started pursuing worthwhile matters. Most importantly, I started the process we so affectionally call Live Your List.

Live Your List has seven levels that helped me become a better influencer. Over the next seven months, Jerrod Murr and I will break down a level each month. We will talk about the lessons we learned (and are still learning) along the way.

We will talk about the difference between ideas, dreams, goals, and action plans. Why Live Your List is so much more than a bucket list, and how to take ridiculous leaps to become a greater influencer. 

I know what you are saying…

Eller, are you trying to sign me up for a cult? At the bare minimum this sounds like a multi-level marketing pitch.

The truth is that each level has provided me with a foundational understanding of how to become a greater leader and a better influencer. Once you get a small understanding of each level you will be primed and ready for the next seven months. 

How can I find out about these levels so I can become a greater influencer? 

I thought you would never ask…

First, you should totally take this assessment. It is amazing. It will tell you which Level of Influence best fits your phase in life. 

Twitter assessment

Next, listen to our newest Live Your List podcast episode. We break down the seven levels and tell some quick stories about our journeys. We even talk about the greatest rappers of the nineties. 

The Seven Levels of Live Your List

1. Take Responsibility For Your Life. You can not start to Live Your List until you decide to take ownership of your actions, strengths, and even failures. Most importantly you are responsible for your reaction to life’s adversities and curveballs.

2. Create a Bucket List. Everyone has a list of things they have always wanted to do in life, but few have actually written it down. You have to write down a list of all of the things you want to see, do, be, or accomplish in life. This is a list of your life goals, dreams, and ambitions.

3. Set SMART Goals. It isn’t enough just to have a list, you have to start putting them into action. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Each goal should be reviewed often to achieve success.

4. Live in Quadrant 2. If you want to set and accomplish huge goals in your life, you have to take advantage of your time. We base our life off a mixture of Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix and David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

5. Find Your Verb.Finding purpose in life is a real challenge. We feel like your purpose or calling in life is actually a verb instead of a noun. Finding that verb is influential as you start to Live Your List.

6. Take Ridiculous Leaps. After you have taken responsibility for your life as you set SMART Goals and take advantage of your time, you will probably need to take a ridiculous leap of faith. And then another. And another. These leaps will catapult you as you create momentum and Live Your List.

7. Multiply. This is the ultimate goal. You eventually want to get to a point where you can help others on their journey towards a life of intention. I hope to get here some day!

What now? 

Get ready for seven months to become a greater influencer. Make sure and take the assessment (it will ask for your email – I promise to never sell it to ninjas). Subscribe to the podcast below. Leave a comment. Join our Facebook group. Continue to be awesome. Repeat.

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