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LYL Season 2, Ep. 38 – The Law of Reproduction – It Takes a Leader to Raise up a Leader

It takes a leader to raise up a leader.  In this episode, your hosts Ryan and Jerrod talk about how to see the big picture, how to attract leaders to work with you, and how to create an eagle environment. 

FB LYL Season 2, Ep. 38 - The Law of Reproduction - It Takes a Leader to Raise up a Leader

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The Law of Reproduction – It Takes a Leader to Raise up a Leader

In the updated version of “21 Irrefutable Laws,” this chapter is the Law of the Picture. However, we love the Law of Reproduction. Once again, these laws continue to build upon one another. This law is no different, and seems connected to the law of empowerment. If the law of empowerment is the lecture portion of the class, this law is the lab portion. It is empowerment embodied to its fullest.

John C. Maxwell conducted an informal survey as he spoke working to determine how people grew in their leadership. He found that 85% of leaders attributed their leadership growth to the influence of another leader. That is the law of reproduction proof.

The chapter gives incredible examples of leaders raising up other leaders including NFL coaches, King David and his mighty men, and even Maxwell’s father Melvin. In each example, he describes a culture of leadership that is created.

The only way to do this is to become a better leader yourself. He then gives 3 keen insights.

1. See the Big Picture – Good leaders know the potential of the organization depends on the growth of its leadership.

2. Attract Potential Leaders – Embody the Law of Magnetism and give people the opportunity to succeed.

3. Create an Eagle Environment – An eagle environment is one where the leader casts a vision, offers incentives, encourages creativity, allows risks, and provides accountability.

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