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LYL #097 – No Big Dream, No Problem – Is It OK to Have No Big Dream or Too Many Dreams?

What if you don’t have a dream? What if you are not aspiring to take over the world? Maybe you are a Multipotentialite, so what now? On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan share why it is OK to not have that Olympic sized dream, what to do if you have many dreams, and talk to Jim Woods of jimwoodswrites.com about being a Multipotentialite. 

LYL #097 - No Dream, No Problem - Is It OK to Have No Dream-

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Jim Woods – Helping You Live a Better Story

Jim is a writer, dream builder, coach and instigator. He wants to help you get unstuck so you can share your story. 

You can find Jim’s website here, his books here or on Twitter here.

Hustle Highlight – Dari Nowkhah

Dari Nowkhah is a family man with a perfect wife and three amazing kids. He has his dream job as a host on the SEC Network/ESPN Radio. He is a Tulsa native and Oklahoma alumnus as well as a devout OKC Thunder fan. You inspire us Dari!

You can find Dari’s on Twitter here.

Nick Collison Pick of the Day

1. The On-Purpose Person – Making Your Life Make Sense by Kevin McCarthy. Nothing adds more fullness and meaning to your life than discovering your purpose and living it out every moment of your life. With The On-Purpose Person, you’ll be on your way to greater order and clarity within 30 minutes of picking up the book. This entertaining story format provides clear principles that are easy to apply to everyday life. You’ll put them into practice immediately. Regardless of whether you’re in your teens or well into retirement, being on-purpose will inspire and guide you to live true to yourself.

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