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LYL #095 – ABCDE of Problem Solving – 5 Steps to Absolutely Solve Any Problem

Ever have a problem or issue that needs a solution and don’t know how to fix it? On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan share the definitive solution to solving tough situations…The ABCDE of Problem Solving. 

LYL #095 - ABCDE of Problem Solving - 5 Steps to Absolutely Solve a Problem

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THE ABCDE of Problem Solving

A. Ask questions to better understand the problem. Take some time to get away and ask questions about your problem. If you prefer time alone, find a coffee house or comfortable couch and write down questions and then research the answer. If you like company, ask your friends. If you have an online coaching or accountability group, ask your questions online. Possibly you ask all of the above. The point is you need to ask the right questions to better understand your problem. 

B. Brainstorm ideas to solve your problem. Get out the whiteboard and get to storming. In true brainstorming fashion, start thinking of all of the possible solutions to your problem. If ideation is not your strength, find someone to bounce ideas off of to develop solutions.  

C. Choose and idea. It is not enough just to understand your problem and to come up with solutions, you must choose one solution that will be taken into the next phase of problem solving.  

D. Do it. We can plan and plan for solutions, but eventually you will need to take one of your ideas and put it into action. Break down the steps necessary to take action and implement the first item needed to solve the problem. 

E. Evaluate. Did it work? If yes, congratulations you solved your problem. Spend some time evaluating what went well. Did it not work? We now need to step back a few steps to once again attack the problem. Possibly you need to ask different questions to understand your problem. Maybe you just need to choose another idea. Go back and try again! 

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Hustle Highlight – Jeff Goins

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Fired Up Quotes

“Without strategy change is merely substitution not evolution.” – Glenn Llopis (Tweet That)

“The perfect plan never enacted is no plan at all.” – Jerrod Murr (Tweet That)

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