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LYL #094 – It’s Not Over – 11 Things to Accomplish Before the End of the Year

It is all about the big finish and ending strong for 2014. On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan share a hustle highlight for the entire family, update their 11:11 Christmas Challenge hustle, and how to finish the year with authority. 

LYL #094 - It's Not Over - 11 Things to Accomplish Before the End of the Year

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11 Things to Accomplish Before the End of The Year

1. Improve your general footprint. Take the professional photo you have been needing to add to your portfolio. Update your website. Add your new info onto LinkedIn. Do whatever is necessary to improve your online presence to match your in-person awesome. 

2. See the bottom. Get to the bottom of your emails. Get to the bottom of that inbox. Get to the bottom of your phone calls or voicemails. Take advantage of your Christmas break to get caught up. 

3. Create a to-don’t list. Create a list of responsibilities and priorities that you held in the past year. Remove the items that drain you and add them to your to-don’t list for 2015. 

4. Check one item off of your bucket list. It is not unusual that we get burned out during this time of year. Our passion bucket can be drained….you know what will refuel your passion bucket? Doing something awesome to end the year. 

5. Start working out right now. We go all-in on January 1. Don’t wait that long. Become active today and get a head start on all of those suckers who start on the first of the year.

6. Forgive someone. It is that time of year when we see people we have grudges against. Take some time to forgive them. Feel free to tell them to their face. Even if you think their face is ridiculous and you don’t like looking at their face.

7. Set your major appointments. Spend some time setting appointments for the upcoming year. Doctor. Vet. Dentist. Car maintenance. Add them all and put them on the calendar. 

8. Sell something. Everyone gets extra stuff during the holidays. Now is a good time to wrangle up your unwanted items and sell them for a little extra Christmas cash (or, if you are feeling extra giving, just give it all away!). 

9. Finish that book. We all have that one book with a few chapters left. Just pull it out and finish that book. 

10. Write yourself a note. The end of the year is a great time to plan for the future. It is also a time to reflect. Write yourself a note and put it away for reflection at a later time. Include all of the details of your life: Your kids, your job, your hustle, your likes, and milestones. 

11. Find a mentor. We can not do this alone. Find a mentor who can help you continue to learn and continue to grow. 

11:11 Make a List Challenge – Christmas Version

11-11 Make a List Christmas

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Hustle Highlight – Nick Pavlidis

Nick Pavlidis is a husband, father, lawyer, and business and life coach whose upcoming book, Confessions of a Terrible Husband: Lessons Learned from a Lumpy Couch, exposes how he became a terrible husband, discovered that he was a terrible husband, took inventory, and committed to becoming better and better each day. He is a proud marriage “nonexpert” who is working tirelessly to improve his marriage in the open so he can insprire, encourage, and equip others to improve theirs. You can get the latest news and Nick’s real-time updates on becoming a better husband at www.ATerribleHusband.com.

You can find Nick’s podcasts here or here or on Twitter here.

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