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LYL #092 – Don’t be a Grinch- How to Ruin Christmas

Have you ever had a perfect Christmas? It doesn’t have to be that way. On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan teach you how to ruin your holiday party or event, share a fantastic hustle highlight, and celebrate all of the holidays. 

LYL #092 - Don't be a Grinch- How to Ruin Christmas

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11:11 Make a List Challenge – Christmas Version

11-11 Make a List Christmas

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7 Ways to Ruin Christmas

1. Be a perfectionist. Everything does not have to be perfect. Take a step back from the deviled eggs and realize that people only want to eat those eggs, they don’t care if they are 100% perfect. The holidays should be about time with family and giving thanks, not being perfect. 

2. Be ungrateful. Want to ruin Christmas in a hurry? Be ungrateful. Instead, say thank you. Thanks to the person giving you a gift. Thanks to the person making your food. Thanks to the person showing up to your party. Thanks to the family members traveling from afar. Say thanks. 

3. Be inflexible. The holidays can be super frustrating. They are even more frustrating if you are not flexible for your friends and family. Be aware of other’s travel needs and family obligations…everyone will love you for it. 

4. Point out flaws in others. If we weren’t all insecure enough to begin with, sometimes our family members and friends will point out our flaws. Yay! You told me I was fat. Thanks mom, I needed that today. 

5. Be drunk. We get it. The sauce if fun. So is keeping your job and not ending a family event in a police car. Try not to be that guy.

6. Reminisce on bad memories. It seems like every time we get together Uncle Jimmy talks about the time I lost the big game. Or Aunt Sally talks about how I broke her lamp. Well Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Sally I chose not to bring up the time you went bankrupt, can you return the favor?

7. Be a complainer. Stop it. Just stop it. Enough with the complaining. No one listens to you anymore because you complain so much. Be positive instead. 

Hustle Highlight – Catherine Smith

Sooner Not Later is launching on January 1st with the mission of making things happen and helping others organize their lives so they can do the same. Simultaneously, throughout the year, Catherine will be sharing my attempt to accomplish 52 bucket list items in the 52 weeks of 2015. If you’re passionate about adventure, making a difference in the world, and living a meaningful life, click on the website below to become part of the pre-launch community. 

You can find Catherine and her website here or on Twitter here.

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