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LYL #081 – Your Dream Team – 7 People You Need for a Dream to Become a Reality

You are the average of the five you spend the most time around. You can not Live Your List alone. We are not made to be individualistic creatures, we were built for community. On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan discuss who you need to around you if you are going to dream big. 

LYL #081 - Your Dream Team - 7 People You Need for a Dream to Become a Reality

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7 People You Need for a Dream to Become a Reality

1. A wow person. These people will fire you up. They are the dreamers, the doers, the inspirational, and the big goal setters. They will motivate you to be the best possible version of you. 

2. A how person. A how person will take all of your big ideas and help you make them a reality. They help you figure out the nuts and bolts behind your dreams. 

3. A brag buddy. Your brag buddy is someone in whom you can share your joy. You can turn to them for emotional support during the high times. They know your character and provide a no-judgment zone for your to share your accomplishments. 

4. A Deltha…an early adopter. We all need someone who believes in us, our product, and our dreams. An early adopter supports you through thick and thin and will encourage you to dream bigger. 

5. An apprentice. You need someone who is looking up to you for advice. Someone who needs you to be the best version of yourself so they can succeed. An apprentice holds you accountable through your actions. 

6. A mentor. A mentor usually is part how and part wow. They will be excited for you in your high moments, but will also help you implement your dreams into a reality. 

7. A partner-in-crime. You need to team up with someone who helps you get things done. A partner in crime brings out the activator in you and spurs you on to make things happen. 

Hustle Highlight – Gregory “Heady” Coleman

Greg Heady Coleman

Gregory “Heady” Coleman is married to the beautiful Bernadette Coleman. They have 3 amazing children from the age range of 7 to 16. They happily live in Guthrie Oklahoma. Heady is passionate about people. His personal mission statement is to help individuals and teams go further better by teaching them the Go Win Approach. Heady gets the opportunity to be on a dynamic team at North Church in Oklahoma City. He also gets to facilitate and lead small to big size groups for Public Strategies. Heady is still learning to make paper airplanes by night.

You can find Heady hanging out on Twitter via his handle @HelloHeady and his blog here.

Fired Up Quotes

“Boldness is better in community.” Ryan Eller (Tweet That)

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