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LYL #078 – Is Life Complicated? Corie Clark Explains How to Simplify Your Life

Is your life complicated? Do you wish it was a little bit more simple? Do you want to win the battle with chaos and clutter so you can live a life of peace and purpose? On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan talk about simplicity! We talk to author Corie Clark about how she simplified her life, Ryan gives you the number one tool he uses to simplify his day, a hustle highlight, and why Jerrod isn’t in the Paradigm Shift studios. 

LYL #078 - Is Life Complicated Corie Clark Explains How to Simplify Your Life

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Corie Clark – Author of The Simplicity Project

Corie Clark

Corie Clark is passionate about helping people find their purpose and truly live it to its fullest. She is the author of “The Simplicity Project: Win Your Battle With Chaos & Clutter So You Can Live a Life of Peace & Purpose. Corie is married to her best friend, Ryan and has 3 beautiful children. When she’s not teaching her kids, blogging, or writing, you can find Corie soaking up the salty air at one of Southern California’s beautiful beaches.

You can find Corie on Twitter here and you or her website here

Nick Collison Pick of The Day

1. The Simplicity Project: Win Your Battle With Chaos & Clutter So You Can Live a Life of Peace & Purpose by Corie Clark. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Not enough time, not enough money, not enough energy, not enough room for all of your clutter? It’s time to create some margin in your life so that you can live your life on purpose by finding Simplicity. 

Hustle Highlight – Clay Shaver


Clay Shaver (“Remodeling Clay”) is a Writer, Blogger, Speaker and Host of the “Remodeling Clay Podcast”. He lost 228 pound with no short-cuts, no gimmicks and no reality TV! He is a marathon running, “diet” bashing, debt-free living, Stay-At-Home Dad helping the world find the “BEST VERSION of YOU!”

You can find Clay on Twitter here and The Remodeling Clay Podcast here

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