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LYL #076 – Trick or Treat – Five Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Halloween

It’s Halloween! On this Fear Week episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan discuss the 11 scariest movies of all time, we discuss the origins of the most famous Halloween traditions, and  they also talk about why Jerrod celebrates Halloween and why you should get off his back about it!

LYL #076 - Trick or Treat - Five Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Halloween

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Five Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Halloween

1. It is fun to celebrate! Each day is difficult, and we have a lot of negative things swirling at us. If, on some random reason on Oct. 31 we decide to have a party, we should have a party! 

2. Pagan Schmagan. We hear it all of the time, and we are tired of hearing about Halloween’s pagan origins. Are some of Halloween’s origins cryptic and about sacrificing animals? Maybe. However, we aren’t sacrificing any cats tonight (we encourage you to do not sacrifice any either).

3. We celebrate life. Halloween is a part of our culture and a part of our lives. We choose to celebrate Halloween for it’s family time and for fun with our children. 

4. We don’t endorse vandalism. Sure, a small portion of the population can give Halloween a bad name. Not us though. We choose to be good and promote the fun of Halloween. 

5. We really like candy. How often do you get to eat as much candy as you want without judgement? Not very often. You can on Halloween. By all means, take advantage of this opportunity. 

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