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LYL #071 – It’s Time to Stretch – How to Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you are not growing you are dying. If you are not learning you are falling behind. What are you doing today to grow and stretch?  On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan talk about the absolute guaranteed way to make yourself better, how to step out of your comfort zone, and what Jerrod would do if Ralph and Ryan pass out in the Paradigm Shift studios. 

 LYL #071 - It's Time to Stretch - How to Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Comfort Zones, Stretch Zones, and Panic Zones 

Comfort Zone – Obviously, this is where we feel the most comfortable. In our comfort zone we need no facilitation, no continual education, and no more teaching. Within our comfort zone we are not stretched and therefore not growing or learning. There are many things we feel comfortable doing (driving a car, using a computer, speaking in front of a crowd, etc.), but at some point we had to step out and learn how to do these things. 

Stretch Zone – When we step outside of our comfort zone into the stretch zone it becomes uncomfortable (makes sense, right?). We need some sort of assistance when we step out into the stretch zone. This is where all learning occurs. The more and more we step into our stretch zone, the larger our comfort zone grows. We may be comfortable speaking in front of our work colleagues, but if we had to make a presentation in front of 1,000 people, it might be a stretch but it will cause growth. The more we do it, the more comfortable we will become. 

Panic Zone – Sometimes we can be stretched too far. The panic zone includes the things that cause us to fight or flight. I may be comfortable driving a car, and it may be a stretch to drive 120 MPH on the Autobahn, but it could be a panic to drive in a NASCAR event. When we panic, we start to show emotions that help us run back into our comfort zone. No learning occurs in the panic zone no matter the assistance or facilitation. 

How To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

1. Grow in your knowledge. The more you know the more your grow. Fear is just lack of knowledge. If you want to become more comfortable doing new things, learn as much as possible and your comfort will grow. 

2. Grow in your experience. The more you experience things, the more comfortable you will become. When you started driving, it made you nervous and you needed assistance. Now you drive your commute to work without even paying attention. However, if you decided to drive a Ferrari, you might need some assistance. This experience allows growth to occur.  

3. Grow in your camaraderie. Growth happens in community. You may not want to look over the edge of the cliff by yourself, but if you had a friend to hold on to you might be more likely to stretch out of your comfort zone. Find the communities that allow you to stretch without pushing you into your panic zone. 

Fired Up Quotes

“Fear is just a lack of knowledge and a lack of experience.” Ryan Eller (Tweet That)

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