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LYL #061 – One at a Time – How to Connect With Others to Live Your List

Jerrod loves ham…so much so he wanted to devote an entire episode to how he got three free hams from the grocery store. On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan talk to Brandon Spencer of Caneland Coffee, they share how to connect with others, and Jerrod tries to start a ham revolution. 

LYL #061 One at a Time - How to Connect With Others to Live Your List

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Brandon Spencer – Caneland Coffee


Caneland Coffee

The Caneland story is a simple one: to provide fresh, great tasting craft coffee.  We want to highlight the rich flavors of each origin, rather than burying it in an Orange Mocha Cappucino (although we have a soft spot for those drinks too).

Our goal is simple: to provide fresh, great tasting craft coffee. If you love coffee already. you should find some familiar and great offerings here. If you’re still unsure, let us recommend something to you. We can help find a great origin you can enjoy. Mornings are hard enough. Might as well have a great cup of coffee to go with it.

You can find Brandon and Caneland Coffee on his website here or on Twitter here

Steps to Connect with Others and Treat Others Right

1. Look like you’re in a good mood. Look like you’re in a good mood, because if you don’t you can come across as unapproachable. Even more so, our external behaviors affect our internal feelings. You can literally fool yourself into being happy and approachable. 

2. Listen, listen, listen. You will find out so much more about the small details of life if you stop and take the time to listen. 

3. Be friendly…but more importantly initiate conversations. When you are around others, step out of your way to initiate a conversation. Find small and easy steps to spark an interest in people who will probably appreciate you asking. 

This Episode’s Fired Up Quotes

“As long as you like what you are drinking you are doing right.” – Brandon Spencer (Tweet That)

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