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LYL #056 – Refill Your Passion Bucket – How to Find Balance While Chasing Your Dream

Where has the Live Your List Show been? On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan have their most honest “Let’s Be Honest” segment, share why sometimes chasing your dreams is hard, and why you shouldn’t compare your blooper reel to someone else’s highlight reel.  


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Tips on How to Find Balance

1. Know your signs of fatigue. Watch the signs your body and personality are giving that will let you know that you need to find balance. If you are pushing yourself so hard that your body fights back…you might need to find balance. If you are acting in a way that goes against your core…you might need to find balance.

2. Say no. Learn to say no to the things you can’t or do not want to do while following your dream. Early on in your chase you may have not had the opportunity to say no…now you might need to say no! 

3. Delegate when you can. Many dreamers have a hard time placing their dream into the hands of another person, however, if you want your dream to grow and prosper you must delegate to others so you can find balance. 

4. Admit it. Admit that you can’t do everything. Admit that you are not superman. Admit that you might need to get help. Admit that you need to slow down. Admit that you made a mistake. Admit it!

5. Treat yourself. Treat yourself with letting the dishes be dirty for a little bit. Relax. Work at becoming a better relaxer and treat yourself with downtime.

6. Invest in yourself. Be willing to spend the time and money to invest in yourself to get away and relax or find balance.

7. Force boundaries on yourself. If you are having a hard time finding balance in your life, set up a system that forces you to find a balance in your life.

8. Take a sabbath. When you work all of the time, if you take a sabbath you will find opportunities to find balance.

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This Episode’s Fired Up Quotes

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” – Vince Lombardi (Tweet That)

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