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LYL #054 – Color Outside the Lines – Leadership Lessons Learned From Harold and The Purple Crayon

Acceptance, altruism, creativity, happiness, humor dependability, hospitality, humor and more…virtues you can learn from children’s books. On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan share the lessons they learned from Harold and the Purple Crayon, they update their thoughts on the Live Your List Virtue Challenge. 

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The Live Your List Virtuous Challenge

Download the chart here to start the challenge. The goals are threefold:

1. Write down 11 virtues you think are the most important leadership virtues. 

2. Spend 21 days trying to become virtuous by living up to the standard of your virtues. If you fail to live up to your standard of virtue, then place an X on the column for that day. The goal is to have a clean sheet of paper with no marks. 

3. Take a picture of you with your chart and put it on Twitter with #LiveYourList to get a chance to win Ben Franklin’s Autobiography and a signed note from Ryan & Jerrod inside one of our favorite children’s books.

Ryan & Jerrod’s List of Virtues


1. Persistence

2. Industry

3. Courage

4. Positivity

5. Encouragement

6. Honesty

7. Humility

8. Moderation

9. Temperance

10. Service

11. Morality


1. Courage

2. Honesty

3. Proactivity

4. Presence

5. Order

6. Commitment

7. Teachability 

8. Compassion

9. Giving

10. Humility

11. Candor

Click here to find a great list of virtues from Wikipedia.

Four Leadership Lessons Learned From Harold & The Purple Crayon

1. Take personal responsibility for your life. This is a fundamental step on the Live Your List journey. We have seen people with all the tools and opportunities to be successful who haven’t succeeded. We have also seen individuals without the tools and opportunities to succeed do amazing things with their life. Start owning up to your life to see success.

2. Find your crayon. Find your strengths and utilize them. Don’t do things because other people say you should. If you are not fueled by it…don’t do it! 

3. Color. It does you no good to have these strengths and passions to Live Your List and to not color. You may not be able to color everything right now, but don’t tell us you can’t color. You can always do something to start heading into your dream job. 

4.  Keep your wits and your crayon. Regardless of what happens in your life, keep your head up and continue to develop your tools to Live Your List.  

Leader vs. Leader Challenge

Nelson Mandela vs. Abraham Lincoln. Jesus vs. Martin Luther King, Jr. Jerrod Murr vs. Ryan Eller. Leader vs. Leader is coming soon…Live Your List Nation is going to help the world determine the greatest leader of all time. There will be brackets, there will be arguments, there will be prizes. Stay tuned for more details! 

This Episode’s Fired Up Quotes

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Ben Franklin (Tweet That) “Never ruin an apology with an excuse.” – Ben Franklin (Tweet That)

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