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LYL #052 – Launch Out Conference – Live Your List Show Goes On The Road

The Live Your List Show was on location at the Launch Out Conference in Tulsa, OK and we got to talk to some of our favorite listeners. On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan talk with eight other hustlers at the conference about going back in time, lessons learned from our youth, and even how to swim. 

launch out

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Guest Hosts for This Episode

Kyle The Intern

kyle price white swan project

Kyle Price is the first official intern for Paradigm Shift and The Live Your List Show. He spends his free time hustling to accomplish his goals, which includes bartering up from an origami swan to a house. Seriously, he wants to get a free house by trading items of increasing value! When he arrives at the house, he plans to sell it to raise money for the youth group, of which he is the pastor. Kyle “The Intern” currently lives in Texarkana, TX where he attends college to become a professor of mathematics.

You can find Kyle on Twitter here or on Facebook here.

Melissa Hawks


Melissa Hawks is discovering what it means to live her story on the road to redemption and how God is found in the detours. For her personal brand of awkward, space geekyness, and inspiration follow her on Twitter at @melissahawks. She talks about #ScrewedUpHeroes on YouTube.

You can find Melissa on Twitter here or on her website here.

Kevin Buchanan


Kevin Buchanan is a blogger and author whose purpose in life is to encourage and motivate others to make the most of their lives! He has found that his passion for writing is a way that he can reach out to others and he loves using this blog as a platform to make an even greater impact. His intention is to share what is happening in his own life in hopes that it would in some small way inspire you to make a difference in the world.  He promises to give you the good, the bad, and the lessons I am learning along the way.

You can find Kevin on Twitter here or on his website here.

April Best


April Best is one of The Live Your List Show’s favorite fans…she is the amazing mind behind thousands acts of gratuitous kindness.

You can find April on Twitter here.

Ronei & Savannah Harden


Ronei is a survivor and a motivator. We are inspired by you Ronei and we love you Savannah!

Nate Pruitt

nate pruitt

Nate is a man. I mean that in the most amazing way possible. Love you brother.

Megan Webb


Megan is the brains behind Beard Sauce. Beard Sauce was created to help beards reach full potential. There’s just no need for an itchy, dull beard. We make great products and sell them for a decent price. Our stuff’s affordable because life’s not about making money. It’s about being there for one another. In our case, we’re here to make your face follicles achieve maximum greatness. You can find Megan on Twitter here or on her website here

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