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LYL #045 – Burnt-Out Syndrome – Five Steps To Overcome Dream Fatigue

Burnt-out syndrome is the number one reason why people give up on their dreams. On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan share the top 11 one-hit wonders of all time, interview the leaders of Barnabas House Oklahoma, and discuss how to overcome dream fatigue. 

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Lisa Taylor – Director of Barnabas House Oklahoma


Barnabas House

The most significant events in our lives – the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, the joining of a couple in marriage, the commitment to serve the Lord – are attended by a pastor, chaplain, or priest.  These men and women serve as comforters, guides, and confidants literally 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Though it is their joy and privilege to do so, that availability can leave them exhausted and discouraged if time is not set aside to refresh their spirits.  The mission of Barnabas House Oklahoma is to provide a safe haven for weary and wounded pastors and their spouses.

You can find Barnabas House on Twitter here or their website here

Five Ways to Overcome Dream Fatigue

1. Know the difference between purpose and passion. We’ve said it a thousand times…purpose is a verb and not a noun. Your job is not your purpose. A certain person is not your purpose. Your passion is not your purpose. Your passion is an odd mix of motivation, inspiration, rest, etc. Keeping your passion bucket full will help you stay on track for your purpose

2. Have a bucket list. Nothing keeps your passion bucket overflowing like checking things off of your list. Check this list often, and anytime you are low on passion, do something you’ve always wanted to do.

3. Live in Quadrant 2. Quadrant 2 is hustle time. This is how you get ahead by focusing on the items you really like to do. This helps you keep your passion bucket full by accomplishment and achievement.  

4. Schedule breaks like you would meetings. Schedule breaks daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly.  If you work hard all day, schedule time to relax and decompress. Make sure you have a weekly Sabbath Day to not work. Take some time each month to do something other than work. Lastly, take a vacation every year and DO NOT WORK! 

5. Take a sabbatical. This is a measure of last resort if you are completely fatigued. Take a planned, extended break to take a pause and heal your body, mind, and soul. Here is a great article on planning and taking a sabbatical. 

This Episode’s Fired Up Quotes

“Most people lose passion in their dream because most people would rather dream than put in the work.” – Jim Woods (Tweet That)

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