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LYL #041 – Lessons Learned from KD – How To Become Your Team’s Most Valuable Player

Not everyone can be the Most Valuable Player. Kevin Durant can though. On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan dissect the KD’s MVP speech to tell you how to become the MVP of your team. 

LYL #041 - Kevin Durant MVP Live Your List

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Lessons Learned from Kevin Durant’s MVP Speech


1. Be genuine. Throughout the entire speech, Kevin Durant was honest, humble, and most importantly genuine. He doesn’t just say the right things, he does the right things.

2. Write hand-written notes. Caron Butler wrote a note and placed it in KD’s locker and it completely encouraged him. Don’t hesitate to remind your team how much they mean to you.

3. Don’t show false modesty. It does no favors to deny your gifts, talents, and accolades. Instead, give praise to the people who helped you get there.

4. Share the love. Durant told every single player that he loved them. He made it personal with people and made sure they knew he loved them. 

5. Have your team’s back. KD talked about how he is, and will always be, the first person to defend Russell Westbrook when others unfairly criticized him. Your team needs you to go to bat for them.

6. Remember where you came from. KD shared great stories about his childhood and reminded himself to always look back to the reasons why he is now successful. 

7. Your platform is not about you, it is about others. Durant said that it was not about basketball. Basketball is just a platform in order for him to inspire. 

Kevin Durant’s Entire MVP Speech 

Fired Up Quotes

“When you’ve got people behind you, you can do amazing stuff.” – Kevin Durant (Tweet That)

“Basketball is just a platform in order for me to inspire people.” – Kevin Durant (Tweet That)

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