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LYL #036 – How to Go to Europe for Free – Kinda Wilson of TravelChicks.tv Talks About The Greatest Travel Hacks

Do you want to go to Europe for free? Well, friend of the show Kinda Wilson knows how! On this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan talk to Kinda about how international travel can change your world. 

The Live Your List Show with Jerrod Murr and Ryan Eller

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Kinda Wilson of TravelChicks.tv

kinda wilson of travelchicks.tv

Kinda is an author, teacher, and entrepreneur. When she’s not teaching business at Oklahoma State University, she’s working with her company Travel Chicks, which helps girls travel overseas and live their adventures. Kinda also speaks at conferences to girls of all ages about living life to the fullest. Check out more info at kindawilson.com or travelchicks.tv.

You can reach on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

Kinda’s Travel Tips 

1. Use common sense to stay safe. Whatever things you would do to stay safe while traveling in the US should be the same things you do internationally. Travel with a friend when you go out, stay sober, don’t walk in back alleys when you go out.

2. You can save more money if you put in some effort. Basically if you have the time to research you can save money on flights, hotel stays, etc. 

3. Couchsurf. With Couchsurfing, you can stay with locals in every country on earth.Travel like a local, stay in someone’s home and experience the world in a way money can’t buy. Check it out here.

4. Take advantage of travel credit cards. Use a credit card’s partnerships with airlines to get cheap or free trips across the world. 

5. Check out airfarewatchdog.comAirfare deals, cheap flights, & money-saving tips from our airfare experts. Track airfare prices with our fare watcher alerts!

Kinda’s Travel Locations

1. Gimmelwald, Switzerland  I challenge you to find a hostel in Europe with a better view than the Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald. It’s a great feeling to wake up in the morning and see the snow-covered mountain peaks from your window. And they are right in front of you.

2. Cinque Terre, Italy With its miles and miles of breathtaking trails, the Cinque Terre along northern Italy‘s Riviera has long been a magnet for hikers. And while trekking through the five villages is certainly a backpacker’s dream — each town is a unique destination carved rather amazingly into the steep terraced-vineyard coastline — that shouldn’t preclude lesser jocks from heading to this wildly charming region. In fact, the only way to truly experience the sensory overload that this small area has to offer is by getting off those well-trodden paths. It’s almost unfair how much intense beauty, great cuisine and amazing aromas are jampacked into such a compact space.

This Episode’s Nick Collison Picks of the Day

 1. Confessions of a Non-Barbie – Kinda Wilson Take it from a gal who’s been there: dating can be difficult! Kinda Wilson leads teen and twenties girls by the hand as they navigate through tough waters. Tackling such issues as self-esteem and appearance, looking for a date, dating, breaking up, and moving on, Kinda combines humor and compassion as she helps rebuild your confidence. With a Christian perspective on dating, you will realize your precious and unique worth as God’s girl – regardless of your “success” (or lack of) in the dating world. 

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