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LYL #016 – Work Hard: You Gotta Flex That Hustle Muscle

Live Your List basically comes down to hustle. That is the difference in people who are going to Live Your List and people who are not going to Live Your List. How much are you willing to hustle? In this episode of The Live Your List Show your hosts Jerrod and Ryan talk about the new inductees into the National Toy Hall of Fame, and tell you the formula to success that will radically change your life.  

The Live Your List Show with Jerrod Murr and Ryan Eller

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3 Tips You Need to Know to Hustle and Get Ahead

1. Have a hustle list. Hustle time is your time. This is when you have extra time to get ahead on your dreams and ambitions. Your hustle list includes the things that only you can accelerate you into Quadrant 2 (see below).  

2. Plan the day ahead. Spend some time every evening planning your next day. Know what time you will spend reading, what time you will spend working, and what time is spent for relationships.

3. Set your hustle time. Find the time of the day that is best for you to focus on your hustle list. It could be early in the morning, or it might be late in the evening. This time is a daily commitment to your hustle. 

Quadrants – Time Management Matrix

For those who are not familiar with quadrants, here is a picture and a brief overview from Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Paradigm Shift

Quadrant 1 (top left) we have important, urgent items – items that need to be dealt with immediately.

Quadrant 2 (top right) we have important, but not urgent items – items that are important but do not require your immediate attention, and need to be planned for.

Quadrant 3 (bottom left) we have urgent, but unimportant items – items which should be minimized or eliminated. These are the time sucks, the “poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part” variety of tasks.

Quadrant 4 (bottom right) we have unimportant and also not urgent items – items that don’t have to be done anytime soon, perhaps add little to no value and also should be minimized or eliminated.

Time + Benefit = Efficiency

Now that you have a basic understanding of Quadrants, you can being to prioritize your Quadrant 2 activities, which are your hustle items. To do this, we practice Time + Benefit = Efficiency.

Take some time writing down all of the things that could help you get ahead but you don’t always have time for (organization, reading, exercise, cleaning, etc.) A sample list might look like this: 

1. Create a sales database. 
2. Organize the file cabinet. 
3. Get my MBA.
4. Call 10 new sales leads. 
5. Write thank you notes to new clients. 

Once you have this list, rank the items solely on how long it would take you to complete. Organizing your desk would take less time than getting an MBA. Now your list looks like this: 

1. Write thank you notes. 
2. Organize the file cabinet. 
3. Call 10 new sales leads. 
4. Create a sales database. 
5. Get MBA. 

Next, rank the list solely based on benefit. Regardless of time or money, what would be the most beneficial thing on your list? It might look like this: 

1. Create sales database. 
2. Write thank you notes. 
3. Get MBA
4. Organize the file cabinet. 
5. Call 10 new sales leads. 

After ranking in both time and benefit, add the number of each item to determine their efficiency. Create a sales database was #4 in time and #1 in benefit, so it gets a 5. Your efficiency list looks like this: 

3 – Write thank you notes. 
5 – Create a sales database.
6 – Organize file cabinet. 
8 – Call 10 new sales leads. 
8 – Get MBA. 

The lower the number, the more efficient the task is for your hustle time. The idea is that the more things you accomplish in Quadrant 2, the more efficient you are in Quadrant 1. The less time you spend in Quadrant 1, the more time you can focus on Quadrant 2! It creates a cycle that improves productivity and provides opportunities for you to do the things you feel are truly important. 

This Episode’s Nick Collison Picks of the Day

1. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield – The Success Principles™ will teach you how to increase your confidence, tackle daily challenges, live with passion and purpose, and realize all your ambitions. Not merely a collection of good ideas, this book spells out the 64 timeless principles used by successful men and women throughout history. 

2. Start by Jon Acuff –  There are only two paths in life: average and awesome. The average path is easy because all you have to do is nothing. The awesome path is more challenging, because things like fear only bother you when you do work that matters. The good news is Start gives readers practical, actionable insights to be more awesome, more often.

3. Relentless by Dave Donaldson – Relentless takes an honest look at some of the tragic problems many people face who are struggling against the odds and fighting a losing battle. But bigger than all these problems are the hearts and desires of the relentless individuals who are joining forces with others and allowing God to do something great in and through them.

This Episode’s Fired Up Quotes

“Live Your List is not about condemnation, it’s about implementation. It’s not about where you’ve been, but where you’re going.” – Jerrod Murr (Tweet That)

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