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LYL #008 – Are You a Bully? An Honest Conversation About How Our Actions Affect Others

Have you been bullied before? Do you think bulling is getting worse? Do people bully as adults or even in the church? In this episode of The Live Your List ShowJerrod and Ryan discuss the topic of bullying and how your actions affect the relationships around you while you Live Your List

The Live Your List Show with Jerrod Murr and Ryan Eller

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When is bullying actually bullying?

1. When the conversation is one-sided. When a person or a group of people are generating all of the conversation while one person is completely left out or berated. 

2. When they are not having fun. Whenever one person (target) stops having fun with jokes and comments it can easily turn into bullying. 

Full Value Contract

The Full Value Contract is a method of creating and establishing growth-oriented behavioral norms and was created by Project Adventure. A Full Value Contract fits the unique spirit and purpose of the group. It is a shared creation, developed in words that are understandable to all group members, that creates an emotionally and physically safe environment supported by all group members.

All versions of the FVC ask the group: 1) to understand and/or create safe and respectful behavioral norms under which it will operate, 2) for a commitment to those norms by everyone in the group, and 3) to accept a shared responsibility for the maintenance of those norms.

Source: Project Adventure

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Question: What are your thoughts on bullying? Did Ryan and Jerrod get it right, or are they off base? Please leave a comment below. 


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