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LYL #005 – Is Your Dream Worth It? 5 Questions to Determine Your Dedication

Have you ever tried to figure out if you are ready to pursue a dream? In this episode of The Live Your List ShowJerrod and Ryan ask five questions that can help you determine how dedicated you are to your dreams and how to decide which dreams to pursue. We also discuss the top 5 Disney Pixar films that display dedication and the power of Team Hoyt.  

The Live Your List Show with Jerrod Murr and Ryan Eller

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5 Questions to Determine Your Dedication

1. Would you invest your own money? If you are truly dedicated to your goal or dream you will be willing to spend your own money. 

2. Will you sacrifice free time? This is what we call hustle time…when you have free time what do you spend your time doing? 

3. Have told people about it? You need to tell the people closest to you that you want to pursue this dream, and then shout it from the mountaintops. 

4. Are you prepared for failure? If we could predict the finish line, we would all be billionaires. At some point you have to start and be prepared to keep going when the bumps in the road arrive.

5. Would you do this if you never got fame or fortune? When you are dedicated to a dream you are willing to pursue it knowing you may never get rich and famous. 

This Episode’s Nick Collison Picks of the Day

1. Team Hoyt – Team Hoyt is an inspirational story of a father, Dick Hoyt, and his son, Rick, who compete together in marathons and triathlons across the country. 

Team Hoyt strives to help those who are physically disabled become active members of the community. Join us in spreading Team Hoyt’s message, “Yes You Can!” Read more 

This Episode’s Fired Up Quotes

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” – Thomas Alva Edison (Tweet That)

“Talent is cheap, dedication is expensive…it will cost you your life.” Irving Stone (Tweet That)

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